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Workshop announcements – Žarko Dragojević

Novi otok Association in cooperation with the Local action group “LAG 5” is announcing “a two-day educational cycle of workshops on skills and methods of organizing events” which will be held on 7 and 8 July 2020 (Tuesday and Wednesday) in Korčula.

Workshops are organized as part of the project “Keep on Learning!” funded by the European Social Fund, “Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020” Operational programme implemented by the Novi otok Association in partnership with LAG 5 and the University of Dubrovnik. They are intended for interested young and unemployed people from the island of Korčula with or without experience in organizing events, who have dealt with or would like to engage in the organization of public events.

Workshop schedule:
July 7 (Tuesday) 10 am – 1 pm “Development of event organization skills” (Day 1, Korčula City Hall, Trg Antuna and Stjepana Radića 1)
July 7 (Tuesday) 3 pm – 6 pm “Innovative methods of event organization” (Day 1, City Hall of Korčula, Trg Antuna and Stjepana Radića 1)
July 8 (Wednesday) 10 am – 1 pm “Innovative methods of event organization” (Day 2, City Hall of Korčula, Trg Antuna and Stjepana Radića 1)
July 8 (Wednesday) 3 pm – 6 pm “Development of event organization skills” (Day 2, Korčula City Hall, Trg Antuna and Stjepana Radića 1)

Topics to be covered in the two-day “Innovative methods of event organization” workshop:
• social, historical, cultural and tourist importance in event planning
• impact on the development of the local community, with an emphasis on youth and educational institutions
• how to conceptualize traditional PR & marketing
• economic and political influence on the development of social projects and events
• planning, leading and managing human resources
• practical example (in group work)
• stakeholders analysis/PEST & SWOT analysis
• overview of interesting campaigns and guerrilla techniques
• project assignment

Topics to be covered in the two-day “Development of event organization skills” workshop:
• introductory events (team selection, locations and primary goals)
• pre-production (collection of documentation, legal provisions)
• event financing, potential sponsors, public tenders
• production and evaluation according to the held project or completed event

The workshops will be led by Žarko Dragojević, an expert with extensive experience in working with teams and within institutions, collectives and youth associations, in the fields of public relations, journalism, music, theater and film industry, multimedia production, sales and management. The practical content that will be covered ranges from cultural management, sports, tourism and social events, linked to initiatives that originate from local communities, spread outside the community and become a full of potential, recognized brand or product.

The number of participants in the workshops is limited and the priority is given to unemployed young people from the island of Korčula aged 15 to 30 years. Applications are received by e-mail at noviotok@gmail.com (in the application, state your name and surname, employment status, age and contact e-mail address/mobile phone number).

Note for participants:

According to the instructions of the CNIPH (Croatian Institute for Public Health) about COVID-19, hand sanitizers will be provided and the distance between the workshop participants as well as the ventilation of the room ensured. Participants are encouraged to bring and wear protective masks during the workshops. In addition to the above, we appeal to the responsibility of the participants and adherence to the following: “Only a person who does not show signs of acute respiratory disease, of which are possible symptoms: fever, cough, breathing difficulties, smell and taste dysfunction etc. as well as a person who is not under health supervision, i.e. in self-isolation, can participate in the workshop”.